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SERRONE – The village

Scalinata The village is situated at an altitude of 730 metres. It is 55 Km from Rome (nearly 40 minutes by car). The medieval town of Serrone can be accessed from the motorway A1, followig the exits of Anagni, Colleferro or Valmontone (all about 20-22km far). From Serrone you can reach Rome’s underground station ‘Anagnina’ in 35 minutes. In 20 minutes you can arrive at Valmontone Fashion District Outlet.

The old town centre is dominated by the ruins of the Medieval Castle. The “Colonna’s Tower”, dated at the beginning of ‘600, presents a beautiful view, as it is situated at the top of the village. Serrone, built with the stone of Monte Scalambra, revolves around Saint Peter’s church that externally still shows its Romanesque style. The church, with nave and two aisles separated by powerful pillars, still has a pulpit and an organ of the XVIII century. Next to the church there is a belfry obtained from a tower. At the top there is rocky Saint Michael’s church, on the contrary, the other church, dedicate to Saint Quirico, is outside the village.

The environmental treasures of the village make Serrone a fantastic place for naturalistic paths: it is integrated, as Piglio, in the naturalistic route called E1, a great path joining the Northern Europe and the Central Mediteranean area. One of this path, “Rocca dei Colonna” (800 metres) on the way from Serrone to “Croce del Popolo” on Monte Scalambra. Along this path it is possible to visit Saint Michael’s hermitage (1106 metres). The environmental treasures make Serrone a paradise for paragliding, too. It is possible to practise this kind of sport here in Serrone, and there are peculiar celebrations of this sport in the period from March to October.


MonolocaleThe Studio Flat to rent (24 square metres – two people maximum) is situated in Viale Pio XII in the old town centre (750 mt.) near the principal little square of the village. The studio flat includes a small kitchen (fitted up with all the necessary to cook) with marsh gas, a sofa bed for two people, two wardrobes and a chest of drawers, little bathroom (with shower), dining area with table for 6 people, fridge and TV, central heating (marsh gas), boiler 50 Lt. Within walking distance of the studio there are: grocery store, butcher, post office, Town Hall restaurants, pub, bars, tobacconist and the Main Square.


The E1 is a long trail that joins Northern Europe with the Central Mediterranean area. Inaugurated on JuIy 2, 1979 in Costanza, on the lake with the same name. Nowadays the E1 starts in Flensburg, a little city in Germany, and it ends in Castelluccio di Norcia in Umbria. The links from Lazio towards the path of the South of Italy have been finished. We present a segment of the E1 of Southern Lazio and its legs, ond the description of crossing paths that reach sites of historical and natural interest.Rocca dei Colonna Excluding the detours from Serrone to Fiuggi and back, the trail is about 5,30 hours long. The tour starts at the ruins of the old “Colonna Fortress” (800 mt along the road that from Serrone leads to the “Croce del Popolo” on Mount Scalambra. A paved road starts in front of the remainder of the tower and then turns into a mule-track after a few hundred metres whìle entering a beautiful ilex wood at the foothill of Mount Scalambra. After about 15 minutes it crosses another very wide track at 900 mt a.s.l. Turning right after a few metres we meet again the first track which climbs up the slopes of the mountain to the monastery of S. Michele of the 7th or 8th century (1106 mt a.s.l., 1,10 hours). This detour is of medium difficulty due to the steepness of the trail, the descent will take 50 minutes. By going along the path at 900 mt. instead, other 5 minutes, a little higher on the left, there is a water fountain. After 25 more minutes stands a small shrine with a Madonna. Walking eastward for 30 minutes there is another detour on the left, leading to the summit of Mount Scalombra (1420 mt), past the Sella Inzuglio (1322 mt. 2,30 hours) and then left along the crest for 15 minutes. From this point on the trail is that of the E1. Descending back to the path ot 900 mt (1,15 minutes), after 10 minutes, on the right another trail starts leading to S. Lorenzo at Piglio (840 mt. 40 minutes) where it’s possible to find water and also to walk to Piglio (20 minutes).

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