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The ancient village of Serrone (roman origin with meideval characteristics) is situated at an altitude of about 750 metres at the southern side of Monte Scalambra (1402 metres), Ernici mountain chain. At halfway up the hill there are ilex trees, on the contrary at the top of the mountain there are beech trees.
Near Serrone there are other interesting towns like Fiuggi (thermal place), Anagni (called the papal city), Piglio, Paliano, Alatri, Arcinazzo tableland, Fumone, Trevi nel Lazio, Vallepietra, Olevano Romano, Valmontone "Valmontone Outlet Fashion District" and "Rainbow Magicland" amusements park theme Rome-Valmontone with opening in 26 May 2011 ( The typical products are Cesanese wine, olive oil, "ciambella serronese". The sports that you can do are trekking, paragliding and cycle racing on cycle path.

Geographic Location:

On the side of Mount Scalambra in the Ernici range facing south.

The town (2.979 inhibitants) of roman origin has a mediaeval character.


  • Mount Scalambra Mt. 1.420 s.l.
  • Town Mt. 738 s.l.
  • District Mt. 427 s.l.


Mild, mountain air (temperatures 10-18 degree in winter). Cool in summer (20-34 degree)

Accomodation Capacity

  • n. 4 Hotels, 2 Farms holidays, 2 rental houses, 1 landlord for n. 115-125 beds
  • n. 10 Restaurants
  • n. 1 Private Club

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