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   24 July 21



  • Public library and Historical Archives
  • Period costume museum
  • Band
  • Paragliding (take-off runway at 1400 metres, landing runway at 300 metres)
  • Cycle path
  • Free Flying Club called Serrone Vola
  • Disco and dance school
  • N. 2 elders clubs


  • Patronal Feast in Saints Michael's honour (29 of september)
  • Paragliding (march-october)
  • Saint Quirico Feast (15 july)
  • Nettare DiVino (first half of August)
  • Sagra del Cesanese wine (second half of August)
  • Rocca D'Oro Premium (end of july)
  • Procession of the Holy Friday in period costumes
  • Christmas in Serrone (natural high crib through the centre of the village)


In the past boys and girls spent their free time inside the nature, playing football or playing "acchiapparella" on the numerous grassy spaces that were available.

They liked to organize modest games as the game of the "Lizza" in which a little paece of wood was jumped with a hit of baton and throw the most distant possible.

Whohad the fortune to possess a bicycle enjoyed to run along the little streets trying to imitate the famous runners of that time.

There was who played salto della quaglia, batti muro, cocola (pinnacle) or "scardone" a game in which a group of boys kicked an object, very often the beret of a friend, who had to pick up it among other people's kicks.

Who was a little less irresponsible preferred to play catenelle, with the mazzafionda or to "breccia" (game of ability done with pebbles).

There were also games like Catalana and Marenca that consisted in making race along a circuit respectively marbles and little caps.

Girls instead enjoyed the game of campana and the "pennoi" (swing), while frequently a practiced game from males and from females was "nasconniglio" (hide-and-seek). Finally there was the game of "Rozzari" that consisted to let roll, along the road, big forms of cheese of sheep with the help of a string (zagaglia) that was rolled up around them; then cheese was replaced from a wooden disk.

Some games were practised during the folklorist parties like tiro alla funi, l'albero della cuccagna (the tree of the abundance), le pignate the competitions of the "watermelon" that, after a fatiguing run, had to be broken with the bottom or funny competitions among the first of all consisted in eating hot "patacche" with tied up hands behind the back.

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